thePipeLine follows the adage of Katherine Graham, the owner of the Washington Post at the time of the Watergate Scandal, who stood by the old journalistic mantra,

News is what someone wants suppressed. Everything else is just advertising’

This means that many of our most important stories come from confidential sources who approach us because they think the public needs to know something that vested interests would rather were not disclosed or discussed.

As a result thePipeLine has huge respect for Whistleblowers who often run personal risks to leak such stories in the public interest.

  • Therefore we promise that we will do all that we can to protect our sources, and we will never disclose or quote a source by name without your express permission.

To back this up we promise to abide by the UK National Union of Journalists Code of Conduct which states that a journalist;

“Protects the identity of sources who supply information in confidence and material gathered in the course of her/his work.”



If you decide that you want to tip off thePipeLine about a story of public concern which involves leaking information, or documents, there are some basic steps you can take to protect yourself.

1.  Never contact thePipeLine from a work telephone or company e-mail account.

The most secure electronic method to make an initial contact is to use a public telephone, or a messaging app like WhatsApp or Signal which offer end to end encrypted messaging.

Our telephone number for What’s App and Signal is +44 7958543518

If you want to get in touch electronically by e-mail try to use a computer in an internet cafe and use a newly generated e-mail account [but be careful what information you enter when you register]  Also make sure the computer screen is not visible in any security camera, but see 2 below.

You should also investigate the use of PGP [Pretty Good Privacy] to encrypt your message.  An encryption programme which uses the  Open Source PGP Standard is probably best.  thePipeLine is in the process of implementing a PGP system and we will publish our public key here as soon as our solution is up and running.

2. Unless you are using snail mail, don’t send us documents or other material which could identify you straight away,  just let us know you want to talk to thePipeLine.  We will discuss with you how to send the material you have as securely as possible.

3.  Do not discuss what you are doing with anyone else, not even with close friends and family.

4.  We can make arrangements to receive electronic files safely, however no electronic communications system is completely secure and the new UK Investigatory Powers Act 2016 [aka the Snoopers Charter] means it is much more difficult for Journalists to protect sources who use electronic communications, therefore it is often much safer to use traditional snail mail, or even to meet face to face to hand over material.

You can submit files on any electronic media including pen drives [USB sticks], CD’s DVD’s, or on a portable hard drive.

And of course you can also send us printed hard copies.

Contact us and we will send you the address to use.

e-mail:  emailmortimer@gmail.com



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