In addition to our legal obligations, while not a member, thePipeline seeks to follow at all times the IMPRESS Editors Code which is followed by much of the UK’s independent media. Individually, anyone writing for thePipeLine is also expected to follow the UK National Union of Journalists Code of Conduct.

If you are considering making a complaint please read those resources first as they are the benchmark against which any complaint is judged.

These specific areas of the code are those likely to be relevant to an article in thePipeLine.

  1. Accuracy
  2. Opportunity to reply
  3. *Privacy
  4. *Harassment
  5. *Reporting of crime
  6. *Clandestine devices and subterfuge
  7. Victims of sexual assault
  8. Discrimination
  9. Confidential sources
  10. Witness payments in criminal trials
  11. *Payment to criminals

Areas marked with an * are those where the code allows a public interest consideration to be taken into account as a justification.

thePipeLine reserves the right not to investigate complaints which are,

  • Made by a party not personally and directly affected by the issue or content forming the subject of the complaint.
  • That we judge to be trivial, hypothetical, vexatious or insignificant.
  • That have no justification as a complaint [for example, they are simply an attempt to argue a different point of view, or are an attempt to lobby thePipeLine and its readers into accepting a specific point of view].
  • Unless in exceptional circumstances, those which relate to advertising which you might see while visiting thePipeLine website.
  • Those which are properly dealt with as complaints to be dealt with through legal channels.

    If you wish to make a complaint please tell us,
  • The article/content you are complaining about.
  • The date it appeared.
  • The nature of your complaint in not more than 500 words.
  • Which part of thePipeLine’s Editorial Code you think it breaches.

We aim to respond to all complaints courteously and respectfully as soon as is practical.

We reserve the right not to engage with complaints which are submitted in terms which are abusive or offensive.

Unless the complaint is complex we will seek to respond within 28 days of receiving all details relating to the complaint.

If a complaint is agreed to be well founded an remedy will be offered in the form of a correction or clarification.

If we contact you and do not hear back from you within 28 days we will regard the complaint as closed to your satisfaction.

If you wish to make a complaint please contact,

the Editor
72 Nithdale Road
London SE18 3PD

E-mail: <>