thePipeline believes Freedom of Speech is one of the most basic human rights.

We also believe genuine Archaeology must be based on absolute Freedom of Speech and Discussion or it is nothing.  Therefore we wish to uphold those rights for all our contributors and those who wish to comment on what we publish.

However, we also believe that discussion should be carried out in a way which respects all participants in the discussion as human beings, even when we disagree profoundly with what they might say.

For that reason thePipeLine has taken the decision not to publish anonymous comments routinely.

This means that to be published all comments must contain your full name  [given name plus family name] and place of residence.


Of course, we understand that sometimes a correspondent might not be free to comment under their own name.  Anyone who for reasons of personal security does wish to publish a comment without their name being shown should contact thePipeLine directly [via:  <>] in confidence and give their reason.

To enable us to carry out this policy all comments are moderated before they appear on thePipeLine.

The moderation process also obeys the following guidelines.

-In common with other Internet platforms we will not publish ad hominem attacks on any individual’s character rather than their arguments; or comments which are in any way racist, sexist, homophobic, or which solicit verbal or physical violence.

-Links to personal websites, blogs and all forms of advertising will be deleted as will comments or posts of material which we believe infringes on anyone’s copyright, or intellectual property rights.

-We also reserve the right to withhold or delete comments which are off topic, abusive, or use foul language without good reason.

Having said all that, all comments are moderated by human beings so rest assured you won’t be deleted or blocked by a piece of software.

If you have a complaint about a comment please contact the Editor at <>