theCONTEXT: #ArchUK4Ukraine

Ukrainian civilians and soldiers take shelter under a bridge in Kyiv
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The latest in theCONTEXT, thePipeLine’s occasional series of personal views about a hot topic in archaeology, is a video from Marc Barkman-Astles of Archeosoup and co-host of the Watching Brief.

From the earliest days of the crisis in Ukraine in late February, we have seen statements of solidarity and support from many archaeological bodies internationally.

There have also been practical initiatives responding to the needs and requests of colleagues in Ukraine.

However, as Marc argues, we have heard and seen almost nothing from our principle UK based membership organisations, the Council for British Archaeology [CBA], the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists [CIfA], and the Federation of Archaeological Managers and Employers [FAME].

Not even the go-to place-holder: “We can’t talk about this, but rest assured we are working behind the scenes.”

In response to Marc’s video thePipeLine and Archaeosoup have created a set of free to use resources asking the leadership of UK Archaeology to use their influence and capabilities to support our colleagues who are either still in Ukraine and are trying to protect Ukraine’s heritage and culture, or who have felt the need to leave Ukraine.

We don’t wish to lead another ‘campaign’.

However, we do want to enable fellow archaeologists who feel that our national leadership should be doing more to support our colleagues (and fellow human beings) in Ukraine during the current crisis to speak directly to those organisations.

In addition to the links posted here we will be sharing these resources on various Social Media platforms…

Links: Call to Action Card

You Tube Video: 6 Things UK Archaeology Can do to Support Ukraine Now!

Tik Tok video:

As it said on a sign outside the Afghanistan National Museum in Kabul,

“A nation stays alive when it’s culture stays alive.”

If you want to support the people of Ukraine directly please consider donating to the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine appeal.

theCONTEXT: #ArchUK4Ukraine
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