thePipeLine is a new on-line news outlet reporting from the place where archaeology, heritage, politics and money meet, to bring you the kind of reports, investigations and opinions which are not  covered routinely in the existing archaeological and heritage media.

We have created thePipeLine because we feel that while our history, heritage and archaeology have almost certainly never been more popular among the public, the pressure on our historic environment and those who seek to help us hare, enjoy and understand it has probably never been greater.

The drive for development all over the World, the loss of public funding, the loss of University places and the problems of gaining donations and sponsorship to enable research and conservation which do not compromise the integrity of the participants, are coming together with broader political and environmental issues such as climate change and political instability to create a perfect storm of practical and ethical dilemmas for everyone who cares about Our Past.

We believe that one way heritage and archaeology can fight back and attempt to survive in such a world is through access to independent, brave, sceptical and committed journalism shared in a conversation with an international audience which is undertaken using all the media platforms which are now available.

Good journalism, good history and good archaeology  have a lot in common

thePipeLine believes that because good journalism, good history and good archaeology  have a lot in common.   They all require top quality research and analysis and they all carry the overriding duty and desire to communicate the results of that research without fear of favour.

At their best both Archaeology and Journalism are also undertaken for the public good.

This means that, while you won’t find news about excavations or important archaeological finds in thePipeLine,  you will be able to read about the latest threats to our history and archaeology from inappropriate development and from attempts to commercialise and commodify the past, which belongs to all of us, to benefit unaccountable individuals, company managers, banks, hedge funds and shareholders.

You will also see coverage of the latest attempts to misuse history and heritage for political reasons and find out about the latest abuses and misrepresentations of history and archaeology by TV Channels using treasure hunters, conspiracies and aliens to boost ratings.

Finally we will seek to hold to account those who we entrust with the conservation of our shared past and the protection of the artefacts which belong to all of us, whether they lie in the ground, under the sea or in our museums.

In short; if there are things about the way Our Past is being treated which certain people would rather you did not know, and discussions about Our Past which some people would rather were kept behind closed doors, thePipeLine will do its best to tell you what they are because

…in thePipeLine, History is Tomorrow’s News

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