thePipeLine is an investigative digital news magazine.

We do not cover the latest news about archaeological finds and excavations deliberately, there are many excellent outlets in the traditional and digital media which do that.  Instead, thePipeLine specialises in stories about archaeology and heritage as news and current affairs, reporting from the place where archaeology, heritage, money and politics meet.

We are completely independent of any political, professional, charitable or commercial organisation and we do not receive any funding apart from that provided by our readers and supporters and from advertising which has no contact with our editorial policy.

This means that we can say what we like about the stories we cover based on the evidence alone.

Our outlook is progressive and international and our Editorial Policy is driven by the concept that Archaeology, the Historic Environment and the Natural Environment are part of just one thing, our Environment.

We also believe that how we treat our environment is a matter for everyone, not just those with political or economic power.

That is why we say,


…and it is also why we set out to hold those we entrust with the care of our history and environment to account and to offer our readers the information they need to make informed choices about the future of Our Past.

thePipeLine is always looking for new writers and we welcome suggestions for articles, investigations and videos

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